ADHD services offered in Las Vegas, NV


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms can have a lasting impact on a person’s health and quality of life. At Recovery Psychiatric Services, compassionate ADHD care is available for adults adolescents and children aged 6 and up. Dr Fidelis Moseri, PMHNP-BC, DNP, and the team specialize in psychiatric evaluations to assess the severity of ADHD symptoms. They also provide customized care plans to improve focus and minimize impulsive behaviors. Call the Las Vegas, Nevada, office to schedule an ADHD evaluation for yourself or your child, or book an appointment online today. 

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a mental disorder that causes difficulties paying attention and hyperactive behaviors. The condition often develops in childhood, but its symptoms can persist into adulthood. The effects of ADHD can negatively impact success at school, work, and in social situations.

The underlying cause of ADHD isn’t well understood, but genetics likely play a role. 

Recovery Psychiatric Services offers comprehensive care for adolescents, children aged 6 and older and adults with ADHD. The experienced team provides ADHD evaluations and creates care plans to improve your focus and calm restlessness and impulsive behaviors.

When should I seek medical attention for ADHD?

Schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Recovery Psychiatric Services if you or your child has symptoms of ADHD that interfere with your quality of life, responsibilities, or relationships.

ADHD symptoms can include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Being easily distracted
  • Difficulties staying focused
  • Problems getting organized

Hyperactivity issues that relate to ADHD can include persistent fidgeting, excessive talking, interrupting the conversations of others, and an inability to sit still for any period of time.

The medical team offers psychiatric evaluations in-office to better understand your symptoms and how they affect your daily life. The providers can also screen for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that can result from the challenges of living with ADHD.

How is ADHD treated?

Recovery Psychiatric Services offers personalized treatment plans for adults with ADHD. The team often combines medications with behavioral therapies to help you manage your symptoms and be successful at work, in school, and in relationships.


Stimulants and other medications increase neurotransmitters in your brain to increase your focus and control impulsive behaviors. You might also need antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications to address ADHD-related mental health issues.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy that helps you identify negative thoughts and behaviors that ADHD can cause. Therapy also gives you tools you can use to cope with ADHD behaviors and other challenges.

The medical specialists can also provide educational resources for your child’s school and caregivers. These resources ensure everyone is on the same page about what your child needs to be successful in school, at home, and socially.

Call Recovery Psychiatric Services to schedule an ADHD evaluation or book an appointment online today.